Dropout deals with two characters from Firefly/Serenity: Simon and River Tam. Simon is the doctor Volney talks to, and River is Simon's sister.

Simon and River join the crew of Serenity as fugitives from the law. Simon has broken River out of an institution that subjected her to torturous medical proceedures in order to unlock psychic abilities. After escaping, River appears to see into the minds of those around her. She can perceive (and shoot) with uncanny accuracy. But her behavior is erratic, and she proves a danger to the crew on several occasions. Simon searches constantly for ways to help her heal.

Tormented by memories of her captivity, River repeats the phrase "two by two, hands of blue." She is pursued by two men with the calm self-possession of fanatics, who wear fine suits and blue gloves. They carry strange lethal weapons and quitely kill everyone standing in their way.

Through flashbacks we see Simon and River growing up, wealthy and mentally gifted. River goes off to what they think is a prestigous school, but is actually the mysterious psychic training institution. River sends Simon coded messages of distress, and he sacrifices everything to get her out.

Dropout is how I imagine one pivotal step of Simon's journey into the criminal underworld, and how the psychic academy might have started with benign intentions.

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